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I ponder on the great mystery....where are my pants?

Early Life

My given name is Jolie, the grey tabby & white cat. Jenny may be from the block, but my origins began in the neighborhood. It started on January 25th, 2011. I don't remember much from that year, but let's just say that I am a different cat today. Six weeks into my first pregnancy, I was picked up by some good samaritans and taken to the Alachua County Animal Services in Gainesville, FL. The DKCF (Dept. of Kittens and Cat Families) didn't think I was fit to raise my own litter, and we were separated soon after delivery.


On March 31st, 2012, I was selected to live with a couple of humans and one other cat, in Gainesville, FL. The house had decent square-footage with an outdoor patio and carpeted living room and bedrooms. The food was good...but the belly-scratching was most pleasing. If I could convince the humans to let me into the garage, I could occupy my day by chasing took some persistence to get the door opened. Jaala the cat was not very welcoming and my experience from the neighborhood taught me not to mess with another's territory. I kept to myself mostly, and quickly removed myself from any social situation where Jaala wanted centerstage. It was his head-bops and chasing that got me the new name, Jazzy Pants.

On July 15th, 2014, the male human and I moved to Jacksonville, FL. Smaller square-footage, but stairs, high ceilings, a loft and a balcony would do. The male human got a new source of income, and I willingly gave up my day job to support his career. Taking inspiration from the Miami, FL scene, my name changed to Jazzy Pantalones.


Big goals, but specific strategies is my Modus Operandi.
Coming from the streets, I understood the value of life's gifts and the duty to give back to the universal community that once gave me a hand. Product-tester is my first and only job title for the past 4 years of my current life. I have a focus on the cat toy industry, although I have done some human furniture reviews in the past. I have done consulting work for the Play-N-Squeak brand, specifically the mouse and bird product lines. My career with Petmate, began in 2012 and I am now Senior Product Tester for their Crazy Circle toy. Its a 5-hour work week, doing the late-shift starting at 10pm.

Personal Life

I spend 100% of my days indoors. I get my fresh air on the balcony, where I can watch the humans poolside. Having a remote job gives me the freedom to be in the living room or the bedroom. Even at home, I get distracted by my own tail, which is always taunting me to catch it. I also get to schedule multiple nap times in between test sessions.

My mentors in this life are Garfield and Felix The Cat.

In 2013, my cousin, Square Trousers (nee Pants) was involved in a tragic accident where a sock took his life. Random socks laying about the house, bring me back to that event and I breakdown in tears every time.

For the year of 2015, I am trying to exercise and stay positive. I'll get that tail some day.

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